Investment | Lesní stráně

High returns and
long-lasting value

Buy a suite as an investment. When you are not using it yourself, you can offer it for rent and make a profit. We will manage the details for you, of course.

A solid investment

We will keep the facility as fully booked as possible. Our prime location and premium services mean that Lesní stráně stays busy in every season.

Leave the day-to-day to us

We will take care of everything for you: advertising, communicating with guests, cleaning, repairs, accounting and legal services, as required.

We put our money where our mouth is

We own and rent out many of the suites ourselves, so we have a vested interest in managing the facility well and keeping everything in top condition.

We can advise you on financing

Our financial specialists will be happy to discuss all our financing options with you, help you secure a favorable loan, or arrange the sale or repurchase of the suite if necessary.

buying investment properties is quite popular in other countries. Attractive projects like Lesní stráně, with its exceptional forest wellness center, improve their value greatly. We are one of the few on the market with control over everything from design to construction and, eventually, day-to-day operations.

Tomáš Vavřík, DOMOPLAN and MyResorts founder

Simply relax.
We'll take care of the rest

How does it work?

In this exclusive joint venture, DOMOPLAN and MyResorts select attractive locations in and near the mountains and design investment hotels for them. DOMOPLAN brings many years of practical experience in construction to the table, while MyResorts offers a specialized team of developers and hospitality managers with an eye for great locations for year-round use. They will manage and improve the value of the resorts.

It's simple. You enter into a purchase agreement with DOMOPLAN, then once the construction site has been handed over MyResorts will take great care of your investment.

a great investment for companies

A stay in a stylish suite with luxury services will be an excellent addition to your list of employee benefits. They can even get some work done in our coworking zone while still spending time with their families. When your employees are not in residence, we will offer the unit for commercial rent. You can also use your company suite as a tax writeoff.

Green energy
Energy saving

We make use of modern technologies and proven principles to ensure that the construction and operation do not place undue strain on the environment. We aim to achieve sustainable operations with minimal energy requirements.


Smart solutions for a sustainable future

A combination of heat pumps, photovoltaic power and battery storage generates enough energy to run the common areas and lighting, as well as covering part of the energy needed for the wellness services.

We aim to cover about 30-40% of total consumption with energy produced on-site.

Focus on energy security

Energy security does not rely on onsite sources alone. The facility will be part of the MAGUS EDH ecosystem, which builds its own local systems and can secure renewable energy from its own production.

Our facility management will ensure everything runs smoothly and the energy supplies remain stable.

Supporting clean mobility

The facility will include charging stations for electric cars and bicycles.

Types of suites

01/ 1+kk 37 – 45 m²

The smaller type of suite (1+kk) comes with a king size bed and fold-out couch ...
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02/ 2+kk 50 – 52 m²

The layout of this suite offers exclusive views of the surrounding countryside ...
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03/ 2+kk+sc 52 – 71 m²

The larger type of suite (2+kk) comes with a separate bedroom and sleeping ...
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04/ 3+kk 57 m²

A spacious family suite that sleeps up to six people and includes a separate ...
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