Wellness concept | Lesní stráně
Wellness concept

A place to relax
all your senses

Our wellness center and natural spring water will pamper and soothe your senses. The private forest wellness cabins, traditional sauna ritual and distinctive architecture on the ground floor of the hotel draw inspiration from the five elements, coming together in various combinations to help you find harmony and balance.

Treat yourself
private forest wellness cabin

Five cabins, five elements, five different experiences to enjoy without any interruptions during your reserved time. Each cabin features two elements in its design, materials, aromatherapy and overall effect.

private cabins

The private wellness cabins have a sauna, spa shower, spa bath, aromatherapy, calming music inspired by the sounds of nature, and original design featuring unconventional luxury materials. The full glass wall offering an undisturbed view of the surrounding forest provides the perfect final touch.

Dagmar Zvoníčková & Ivana Linderová, main project designers, ID Studio

sauna ritual

Our sauna masters lead the traditional rituals in our communal sauna, accompanied by aromatherapy and air circulation. A glass wall facing out lets you enjoy the sauna while remaining connected with the natural surroundings.

When I saw injured animals on many occasions seeking out water and bathing in it, I thought that humans would surely benefit from the same.

Vincenz Priessnitz, founder of hydrotherapy, born and died in Jeseník

An oasis of calm
inside wellness center

The hotel ground floor offers a wide range of spa activities for a one-of-a-kind experience in a beautifully designed space that evokes the atmosphere of a forest evening. Even with a whirpool tub right outside the window, you can get anywhere in the facility without getting out of your slippers and robe.

  • spa pool
  • massage waterfall
  • whirlpool bench
  • sauna: Finnish, herbal and steam
  • massages
  • relaxation zone
  • fresh bar
inside wellness center

Spa pool and services to relax you, body and soul

A symmetrical inside pool with massage jets and a waterfall divides the interior into a number of enjoyable nooks. Enjoy a drink or snack from our fresh bar in generously designed relaxation zones with views of the surrounding forest and a blazing fireplace.

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