Location | Lesní stráně

In the middle of the pristine
Jeseník Mountains

First class
skiing conditions

The Jeseník Mountains are one of the most frequently visited and popular Czech mountain destinations each winter, and for good reason. They offer something for everyone.

The slopes of the Jeseník Mountains

top skiing locations

It's just a stone's throw from your front door at Lesní stráně to the Ramzová ski slope, one of the longest ski runs in the Czech Republic. Dozens of other ski resorts in the Jeseník area also offer excellent conditions, such as the ski run with the highest altitude at Praděd.


Cross-country skiing to Praděd and Dlouhé Stráně

Miles upon miles of well-kept ski paths will take you to some of the most interest sites in the Jeseník Mountains, like the upper reservoir at the Dlouhé Stráně power plant and Praděd, the highest mountain in the area. An access point to the cross-country ski routes between the Petříkov and Paprsek ski resorts sits not far from the suites.

Let's go sledding!

With its well-maintained sledding path, Křížový vrch in the Jeseník Mountains is an excellent spot for adventure for the whole family.

Plenty of attractions
in any season

Untouched nature, stirring history and the wonders of technology. The Jeseník Mountains have everything, and the Lesní stráně suites offer a central location for any of the attractions in the area.

Tourist destinations

Take in the beauty of nature

Within easy reach of Lesní stráně lies the main ridge of the Jeseník Mountains offering breathtaking views. Besides the mountain peaks themselves, make sure to take in the other natural beauty around you: unique peat bogs, waterfalls, caves and rock formations. Whichever direction you head, you certainly will not regret it.

Dramatic history

This region is known for its infamous 17th century witch trials and 19th century healer Vincenz Priessnitz, the founder of the Jeseník Spa. History enthusiasts can choose from dozens of castles, ruins and museums in the area. The closest to Lesní stráně is the Museum of Musical Instruments in Ostružná.

Technical wonders

Alongside the Prague Castle, the hydro power plant at Dlouhé Stráně is one of the greatest wonders of the Czech Republic. It is not the only site of technological interest in the Jeseník Mountains, however. Other noteworthy sites include the Slezský Semmering railway (with a museum in Horní Lipová) and the Hanušovice brewery, which has been brewing beer since 1874.

Perfect for an active vacation

Kilometers of single tracks, scooter trails starting at the Dlouhé Stráně reservoir, paragliding, and mountain go-karts ... Find the adrenaline adventure for you!

Made for refreshing body and soul

Vincenz Priessnitz believed strongly in the importance of a walk in the fresh air for your health. You can recharge in the spa park in the Jeseníky as well as the thermal park in Velké Losiny, the only one in the Czech Republic that uses natural thermal water.

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